Anne Cecelia Holmes

Hiding in the Overglow

If I hesitate it's because I'm
teaching you where to pause.
In a minute I will demonstrate
the exact movement clouds
make when serious things
happen below. How I know
someone is eating my garden
but still I need an artifact
to hold. I could try to
approximate where I stand
in position to natural law
but instead I am building
a memory box and filling it
with forgotten food from
the fridge. There are ways
to know what can't be said.
What makes a tornado stop
and why I keep touching
my face to remember who
I'm supposed to imitate.
If I understood a meteor's
selfish trajectory I might feel
okay about abandonment.
Justice will either favor me
or it won't. I yell so what
into a forest and get strangled
by it on the way home.