Katy Gunn

This Full Sugar Baby

Today I do the thing
I say I’ll do: cultivate

a green thing

to hold to my skin
to be red cut in pieces
to weigh in my mouth

like Candide’s candied lemons
and pistachios because

il faut cultiver: il faut
me cultiver:
the words
I have drawn on my body

my body the only
thing I have made

till this melon
to fill my lines

to hold to my ribcage
and tap tap

this full sugar baby
to smell it
smell of ground

press it to my face
mark it with my fingernails
say: this is a thing I have made

Katy Gunn is an MFA candidate at the University of Alabama with other writing forthcoming from H_NGM_N, wigleaf, Crazyhorse, and more.