Kate Litterer

There I Was Unrequited

Your door
is like a
war plunked
between us.
It is true
and horrid,
it gets in
my vision
of you
so tell me,
don't you
agree you
never look
mucked up.
Tell me
what you're
reading in there,
I want to hear
your sweet
throat tell me
what's on
every page.
I want to hear
your train voice
You get me there
like a single
night of rain.
There are
birds out here
forever and we
will wait
while you lick
your fingertips.
I promise
I will never stop
writing poems
outside your door
and making
everything up.
So I guess
I am your
Before there
was rain
I started off
blasé feminist but
I grew prouder of my
writing you
your door treaty.
I have less
clothes now
and it never
rains more than
when I want
to hurt near you
and share that
with you.
I hope for
in your breath
pauses are
your lips.
You are
the sexiest
bird I have ever
stood outside.
You get me
on a wet page.
I need to
hear you
say it. Press
your naked
little bones
to the other side
and tell me
these birds and
rain and pages
are war.

Kate Litterer is working on her MFA and listening to birds in Western Massachusetts.