Tyler Gobble

For Now

A certain experiment like ignoring the labels
on comforters and embracing the one

that snuggles the warmest. There's a chance
to reconsider an alternate universe

of choice. It's cold and getting colder.
Yet somehow, October never noticed me

at all! The time ignored, I spent it
crushing on her of the sweater

exploding bracelets and that collarbone.
Yet I'm not stodgy and I'm not saying

she's My Other Wife. Us coupled is like
reading SAUNA and expecting exactly that.

We Are All Good If They Try Hard Enough
is one way a nice guy once put it

and every time I read those words I whisper:
what a pattern made by a magician!

Perhaps being fascinated with ejaculation
is the answer to the struggle for language

how it is so shifty until you admit
all you want is a prolonged hug

with the well-groomed embraceable gal.
Are you there, not-My Other Wife? It's me, Tyler.

What separates us from the others?
I hate outlets, you hate darts, and both

of us can't stand dirty haired kids
speaking gibberish in the basements.

I'm listening for a song growing louder
and louder until it picks up itself as its own entity.

Tyler Gobble is a member of the Magic Helicopter Press team, lead editor of Stoked Journal, and a contributor with Vouched Books. He is the author of three chapbooks, most recently Goodness is a Fine Thing to Chase, part of The Fullness of Everything featuring Christopher Newgent and Brian Oliu (Tiny Hardcore Press, 2012). Find more at www.tylergobble.com.