Leora Fridman & Josh Finn

Your Hair Stuck in the Map

You should see the Indian ocean floor, babe.
It's unlike anything I've dreamed this year.
Next year, I'll have a new set of scuba flippers,
you can touch them if you want. I'm good at measuring
my rubber parts, but my scales get sensitive, so take care
when you rub against me like that. You do that
with surfaces. Angle up against them nonchalant,
like that map of South America, crumpled up
against my northern bits, squishing my Guatemala
behind your ears. I'm watching you, lady, and
your gorilla hands look like they're eating ankles.
I think you just need something to do with those
octopus elbows, those elegant soft bones.
Next year I'm going to take you to the ocean
where we'll belong.

Leora Fridman and Josh Finn both live in Western Massachusetts and both drive similarly-colored cars, though they have differently-colored hair.