Leora Fridman & Josh Finn


Ask for a piece of plastic
I'll give you a hot-
dog-shaped bun.
What you can
do with that is
fill it with me &
my tunneling shape.
I'll be powdered, then
I'll go hunting for
more granularity.
When I'm granular
I worry about hot
water & a hungry
face. Still, it's worth
getting hungry for
the type of grinding
which makes my
skin hot but me
cool inside. Which
hollows the bread.
Which is more
than you can say
about my anger.
I know this baker
who plays fast &
loose with his body.
Any thoughts I had
before get trundled
into a pie of his.
Like a real trundle
bed, just slid right.
I'll admit I'm
jealous of how
much he can
fit. How many
of my old memories
get kneaded?
This is me
in sesame seeds.
This is me not
knowing where's
the space. Oh, ok
I found it. Ha!
I found a spot for