David Bartone

Flower Cart

    Heart, your own,
after what has wandered.
Bliss to recall it detour
or something pure.

to note too quick
a peeling from,
source material
having no end in you.
The endless cartoon
yanking sweetheart image.


    Heart, your own,
after what's whimpered.
Beeping late night sound,
first light cracked.
Is it air?
Your own after itself,
organ after organ after
finger-found forearm

        Olive grove fog
after this of your nights
breaks into how sweat could
be mirror to anything,
loved poet or anchor,
dying of fortune
or great big thanks.


    Loved poet, are we
expected to mention
blood, your own
ebullient will,
the lyric politic
of bad timing, thrush,
can-can rhythm
in the dim caught
catch of morning

        So help me
god do not
say a word.

This test we ache.

David Bartone's recent work can be found in Mountain Gazette, Denver Quarterly, Oh No, and others.