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Feliz Lucia Molina

Because That Light Is Hella Holy
from Undercastle Radio

(the story gained popularity through washed up
memory stains)

or because the light outside is holy digital
the window behind is behind behind

football stars flicker and die
you walk further into hella useless

collapse of everything in swimming pool everything

American dollar afterglow, young graduates grew beards
moved to the Middle East to pay off student loans

Is this the way to move through everything.

(babe I tried to find you on Skype
babe the phone and friend died
babe lets apply to this and that
babe lets buy lotto tickets after mass
after mass, babe)

the sun spins Fatima making Fatima anywhere

cheese puffs in hand lets throw
quarters at birds and bury our laundry

see where we could live, see where in the world they'll pay us to live

Just like that bitch Carmen San Diego
in heels and red trench coat like she always knew where to go.

Feliz Lucia Molina recently earned an MFA in Poetry from Brown University. Her poems have appeared and are forthcoming in Shampoo #39, Titular Journal, Dark Sky Magazine, Corrugated Press, and Ubu Web's Publishing the Unpublishable. She lives and teaches in Buffalo, NY.