Avram Kline


Trey Harris

Shapes Our Married Mouths Make

Kelin Loe

Dialogue Three
Dialogue Four
Dialogue Five

Matthew Mahaney

Dear Elizabeth, last night I dreamt your voice asking
Dear Elizabeth, every night the children
Dear Elizabeth, lately the weather seems perfectly

George Moore


Feliz Lucia Molina

Because That Light is Hella Holy
Bubble Bath

Jay Thompson

Summer Letter
A Valentine for Z

Andrew Brenza

cichlid geometry as the reticulation of desire (aside number 5)
Gossamer 9

Sarah Bartlett

from Coterminous
from Coterminous
from Coterminous

Andrew Michael Roberts

In the Heart's Lost and Found a Little Tuba
For the Girl in the Dress Made of Flies

Matt Hart

from Sermons and Lectures Both Blank and Relentless
from Sermons and Lectures Both Blank and Relentless

Steven Karl


Marc Paltrineri

A Quiet Life

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