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Anne Cecelia Holmes & Lily Ladewig are natural wonders living in Western Massachusetts.

Anne Cecelia Holmes & Lily Ladewig

I am a Natural Wonder

Now I am just the phrase you think
in between thoughts. A gigantic
machine privately whirring.
When I am in a parking lot there is
an overflow feeling, my ribs
swarming so hard I barely echo.
Look at me wrangling here like this.
If you are thinking about time pockets
I am the one swelling in the corner.

I am a Natural Wonder

and it's baby time. In the Midwest
the mothers are young. Their blonde
daughters are there to match.
They know something about football.
Fathers forget their motorcycle helmets
on the kitchen counter. I pour out
of the faucets tasting metallic. We scream
our baby screams. We call this "prairie-
style", not an ounce of cellulite on it.