RE Katz


I ring clichés I'm a dead ringer
for them
ways in which
my body betrays me songs on repeat
in the background.

Vibrations that come to me if I summon them these are
echoes I want echoes that will not break
my body but can and (should by all means)
should. Spirits that choose to be gentle. This is the sound
I want to make.

Sometimes violences show up and look
so familiar we don't even know to throw them out of bed.
One day I will choose
even the dial tone.

Mommy Doesn't Know Shit About Moons

Not in pantyhose but in love with themanimistfeeler of membraneslooseness in the centerthe crosshatched fibers of us

One day I will braid my wig into your wig and we can choose to stay together with our hair or go nakedly onit's hard to say here this bald dandelion is for you

I wonder if someone hasa birthmarkwould it be too alarmclock to say something this true and regularI am not the moon or what the moon really isan endtablespilled light of faraway lamps

No wonder this light I am stealingthis electricitycable tvstealing is having I meanto have it the way other people have itall i've got is light and hardwonwashed outoverexposedtoo much so have ithalve it

I'll keep shadow and tourniquetyou can take all that lit bloodleave me out here nowI just want a minute with the bruise it made

RE Katz exhibited Boywitch Codex: Hypertexts as Artist in Residence at Dreamland Arts in Buffalo, NY in February 2017. Katz is interested in personal fashion, antifascist witchcraft, and television.